Current guidance allows the garden to remain open!

We are delighted to continue to welcome visitors to the garden and have introduced a few simple measures to keep us all safe.

  • Entry to the garden is allowed via pre booked arrival times only please, with a maximum of 30 guests per half an hour time slot.  Please don’t miss your half an hour window, we want to make the system as fair as possible for everyone, staff included!!

  • When you arrive, if another family are getting out of / into their car close to where you have parked, please just wait until they are safely away until you exit your vehicle.

  • Please have your order number ready to present at the ticket hatch upon your arrival – you don’t need to print it out as we can look you up from the order number on the side edge of the pdf tickets. It helps to speed things up a little, and saves a few trees!!

  • We have adopted a one way system around the garden with 3 routes available. Please stick to your chosen route direction, you can always shorten or extend your walk using the appropriate joining points.

  • You can use benches at your own discretion, but please wait if it is already occupied.

  • The Tearoom will be offering a selection of food to eat outdoors, take-away, ordered at our groceries service window under the veranda. We will be using compostable takeaway containers and cutlery and have a separate collection point for your food. Hand sanitiser is available at point of order and point of collection.

  • We have toilets available on the car park but none in the garden just yet. Hand sanitiser points are stationed outside of the toilets for you to use on entry and exit please.  

  • The Gift shop has now reopened however you must ensure you wear a face covering while inside the shop at all times.


We have had to make some temporary closures…

  • The garden toilets – the ones on the car park are available for use.  We aim to open one of the garden toilets mid-July.

  • Bird hides will be closed until further notice.

  • The Tearoom inside areas, including toilets (other toilets available on the car park). Outdoor food/drinks, take-away food/drinks and groceries can be purchased from the hatch.  

  • The boat trips will not be running until further notice.

Please use sense and kindness whilst enjoying the garden, we want to make it as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for everyone and we all feel a little differently these days!


The Garden is currently open to all

Please ensure you book an entry time before you travel.

You will need your order number (members you will need your cards) on arrival please. 

No printouts required, just make a note of the order number or show us the tickets on your phone.